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Services by Foundations Software

Foundations Software supplies serveral services in the area of:

  • Custom made software design and development
  • Standard software development
  • Website design and development
  • Development for mobile software

Custom made software development
Custom made software ontwikkeling is software developed for a specific customer based on th requirements of the customer.

Standard software development
Foundations Software is currently developing standardized software which can be used by multiple customers. The costs of standard software is lower than when creating custom made software because the software can be sold to multiple customers therefore limiting the cost per customer.

Website design and development
We have developed multiple websites for our customers and given them the ability to have full control over their own website. This way the customer can change the content or even the look-n-feel of his own website at any time without having to wait for Foundations Software or another company to update the content or look-n-feel of their website.





Portals / websites:

"Things I asked you for  are working perfectly" 
Dick Huisman
Fitness America