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BDO, System Analysis and Tailored software
Foundations Software was asked by BDO to design and develop the engine of her focusdashboardsystem. This included the integration with Twinfield online accounting and Yuki.


BDO has a management- and benchmarkreporting system, named focusdashboard, for which Foundations Software recieved the order to design and develop the processing engine.

System design

Foundations Software made, in conjunction with BDO, a systems design for the processing engine for which the current process of delivering management- and benchmarkingreports was analysed. With BDO we designed a way for the current interface of the focushdashboard to communicate with the engine so the interface could be suppplied with the required data.


After BDO approved the systems design of the engine Foundations Software was asked to develop the engine. Foundations Software together with BDO designed a technical architecture and determined the development environment that should be used. For the development of the Engine it was decided to use the .NET framework by Microsoft and the C# development language. This platform and development language fitted the platform and language used by BDO to develop the interface. Once the platform and development language where determined the development of the Engine was done bij Foundations Software.


The result of the development efforts was a fully working version of the focusdashboard engine, which gave BDO de posibility to automatically retrieve data from Twinfield Online and build the management- and benchmarkreports with the retrieved data. The interface used by BDO was able to retrieve the required data and show the management- and benchmarkreports in the way they where used to.

More information

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