Custom software development

Foundations Software offers several options for the development of your tailored software. All our software development is based on the .NET Framework of Microsoft. We develop tailored software for the windows and web platform.

We will make a functional requirements analysis together with the customer to determine the requirements for the software to be developed. When all requirements are determined the desired type of delivery will be defined. This could be either a complete delivery or delivery of specific functionality as a whole. This will deliver the software faster to the customer and gives the customer the ability to start working with the software before it is fully completed. Each time additional functionality has been developed the application is updated and the functionality is added to the software for use by the customer.

For the development of web applications we can develop an completely new application with security, usermanagement, role management, etc or make use of a pre-existing CMS website system (DNN Platform). This CMS website system has a proven security, usermanagement, role management etc and can be extended using modules. Based on the requirements of the customer the modules can be developed and installed in the website system as 1 module or several seperate modules. This type of development is faster because basic functionality of the website system (DNN Platform) can be used instead of being developed again.




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