Internet services

The internet services by Foundations Software consist of the design and development of business websites. These websites are designed and developed by Foundations Software based on a standard CMS website system (DNN Platform). When a new website is designed and developed by Foundations Software all requirements of the customer are analysed and when required additional modules are developed to extend the CMS website system. The DNN Platform is used by many websites all over the world and there are many modules available for sale in the DNN Platform store. When a module with the required functionality is available the customer is adviced to buy this module instead of having it developed when the costs are lower than development costs.

When the requirements are assessed and all modules are determined then Foundations Software creates a plan for development and delivery of the new website. Pricing will be determined based on the development effort and implementation time of the website.

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Portals / websites:

"Things I asked you for  are working perfectly" 
Dick Huisman
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